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 Which types of management are critical for a business?

Few critical types of managemen t are important for running business are as follow:

here are a lot of people who thinks that project management and managers are an unnecessary expense for the company. But actually, team and client are bounded by project management without it, who will handle crisis or ups and downs of the project.  

Project management is done on the basis of three main pillars such as time, budget and scope. Keeping everyone on the same page is a crucial activity of project management. In project managem news ent risk is estimated, strategic goals planning, delivering high quality of work, complete utilization of resources.s are made. Setting a realistic and achievable goal is one of the objectives of project management. It results 

Reasons why project management is important!

1.       Project plan and execution

2.       Better Quality work

3.       Risk management

4.       Strategic approach

5.       Mission and vision

If project management does not ensure the quality work then project failure chances are fifty percent. Bottom line is, it does not matter either you have one project or several projects, project management is important for the business. It keeps a balance between the teams and clients.

Facility management – The procedure of maintaining and managing a facility is known as facility management. A facility can be an office, building, school, work site etc. Mainly activities done in a facility are related to mechanical or electrical work, maintenance or repairing. If precautions are not taken then it can lead to health or safety hazard to people. 

For example, in a manufacturing company the heavy equipment failure occurs and it is releasing some dangerous gas. Then, this type of equipment failure needs to be managed by facility management otherwise things can go wrong and workers life can be in danger. It is the responsibility of andle the situation and repair the equipment in the minimum 


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